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The Invitation – Matthew 11:25–30


God doesn’t need us to do anything for Him—He is God! Neither does He ask for our help, as if we could assist Him in any way. Rather, God invites us to join Him in Kingdom work.

If we don’t recognize this invitation when it comes, He patiently invites us again. If we don’t respond to the invitation, He waits until we are ready to respond. Even if we actively reject His invitation, He doesn’t take offense in the way we might if our friends were to reject an invitation from us. He is persistent, but not insistent.
We are the ones who put up barriers to accepting His invitation. We may miss an invitation because our inbox is too full. The invitation might get buried under paperwork. We may have noticed the invitation but forgot to put it on our calendar. We may not want to go to the event because we are uncomfortable around others who are going. We may not feel we can spare the time. Or we may think that accepting the invitation will entail an expense we cannot afford (a new outfit, an appropriate gift, travel costs, etc.).

[Jesus said,] “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28–30

If we listen to Jesus’s invitation carefully, we will realize that it needs to go to the top of the pile. We will want to make time for His calling, because it is by far the best event on the calendar. Responding may mean mixing with people we wouldn’t otherwise have chosen, but when we do, we will be amazed at the richness of the experience. And accepting His invitation is not nearly as expensive as refusing it, in terms of life stress and anxiety.

We may need help in knocking down the barriers to the ongoing, life-changing, marvelous invitation God gives. God’s invitation enables us to leave our anxieties behind. Let’s encourage each other to accept what God is prompting us to do today.

• What is God prompting you to do today? Let go of the anxiety and get on with it!
• Find a way this week to encourage one person to come closer to Jesus.

God’s invitation to us is always there.

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  1. Chris Carter says:

    Sandy writes with warmth, invention and in language that is illustrative and persuasive. She makes timely points in the space of a few simple paragraphs on each day of the journey. I like the way Sandy imaginatively draws upon ordinary household objects – tannin-stained tea-strainers, multi-faceted quilts or the home’s thermostats to make memorable observations that ring true. “Steps Toward Belonging” is a resource well worth coming back to and well worth sharing, particularly in this time of enforced separation through the pandemic.

  2. Matthew Perry says:

    I was being called to follow Him and don’t or couldn’t hear it. My whole life has changed and now following the path that he is guiding me along

    1. That’s so good to hear, Matthew! This reflection is the first in my new book, Steps Toward Belonging, which has just gone up on Amazon today – I’m really excited about it! A tip: the first book in the series, Steps Toward Generosity, with be FREE (in e-book form) for 5 days, 17-22 July, as a special promotion to help launch this second book. Bless you as you follow God’s path.

  3. Sue Olding says:

    This is a reminder for me that Jesus mixed with many different people and showed love to them ,that is what I’m called to do to

    1. That’s it, and it’s a lifelong challenge for all of us!

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