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Review: What’s Mine is Yours by Stefania Hartley

Humorous short stories set in modern Sicily

What's Yours is MineWhat’s Yours is Mine by Stefania Hartley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A precious collection of stories from Sicily, full of comedy and tenderness.

First, we meet Tanino and Melina, an older couple who clearly care for each other, but suffer from frequent misunderstandings. The results are as hilarious as their reconciliations are heart-warming. At one point, Hartley hits the nail on the head when Melina is found to be at fault for a misunderstanding: ‘ “in the wrong” was a place she hated as much as the dentist’s.’

Several of the stories introduce other characters of Sicily – a parish priest, a love-struck youth, an older lady suffering from insomnia – characters that we recognise from our own lives. Each tale is perfect for a coffee break, or any time you need a lift and a reminder of the goodness that there is in the world.

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