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Review: Chasing the Butterfly by Jayme Mansfield

Early to mid 20th century France, first person gentle romance

Chasing The ButterflyChasing The Butterfly by Jayme H. Mansfield

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like an old-fashioned slide show, this story gives us snapshot chapters following Ella, a girl who seems fated to lose everyone she gets close to.

She’s a timid child who grows into a successful artist in World War II Paris. The men in her life – her vintner father, protective older brother Charles, rebellious brother Jack, and swarthy adopted brother Andre – all give her cause for worry and pain. She struggles with self-doubt, and takes comfort from painting. She is surprised by happiness in the end.

There are sweet descriptions of the French countryside, water colour painting, and butterflies. An enjoyable poetical read.

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