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Review: A Slip of the Tongue by Stefania Hartley

Modern short stories set in Sicily and Singapore, humorous, easy reading

A Slip of the TongueA Slip of the Tongue by Stefania Hartley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve already enjoyed reading Hartley’s short story collection ‘Fresh from the Sea’ and loved the picture of Sicily it gives – the descriptions are vivid and the characters are so down-to-earth. So I was delighted to read more in this collection. But then the stories took a turn to the east, to Singapore, back to Sicily and then to England. Each location comes to life, and the stories include clever twists, hilarious misunderstandings, and romance. What I love most is that all the characters are so real – I’m sure I’ve met them, or people just like them, in my everyday life. The stories are great coffee-break reads!

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